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Brandon Berger

Partner at Platform Ventures

Jul 2018 — Present

C-Level Executive, Investor, Digital Leader, Marketer

About Me

Brandon Berger is a rare executive having built his career leading every facet of business from operations to strategy, brand to digital, M&A to financial valuation. He has managed teams from 10 to 9,000.

Brandon’s experience is focused on Internet, Media and Consumer brands as an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, board member and former C-level executive.

As an investor Brandon focuses on both Public and Private companies applying a long term, high conviction, high concentration approach to investments. When it comes to private companies Brandon works to be a valued added shareholder, typically working shoulder to shoulder with CEOs of private companies improving returns.

Brandon spent 3 years as a sector head leading both TMT and private investments for a Tiger Cub and is a partner of Platform Ventures. Brandon will also occasionally take on an active role within investment and advisory companies as either interim Chief Marketing Officer (applying his digital marketing expertise) or as Chief Operating Officer, as needed.

Prio to active investing – Brandon Berger was Chief Digital Officer Worldwide for Ogilvy & Mather, and a member of the Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide Board where he helped transform the entire $3b+ network. He was one of the first global digital media executives in the industry and in that role defined global digital strategy, vision and capabilities for the network and its clients.

Through revenue growth, industry recognition and M&A, Brandon transformed the entire Ogilvy & Mather organization to become an industry leader in digital and content. While at Ogilvy Brandon was responsible for $900m in revenue, approximately 36% of the company’s total. During his time at O&M, Cannes Lion recognized Ogilvy as Network of the Year for five years in a row. Ogilvy also won Webby Agency of the Year and had over 25 Webby Awards.

Brandon also was Chief Business Officer of theSkimm, where he led revenue, marketing, growth, branded content and the studio business. Brandon led the diversification of the company’s revenue to include sponsorship, commerce, licensing, and subscription resulting in 100% growth from 2016 to 2017 and putting the company on pace for 100% growth from 2017 to 2018. Additionally, Brandon launched theSkimm’s video and podcasting business and helped the company raise a series C round of funding at over $100m valuation.

Prior to Ogilvy, Brandon was head of digital for MDC Partners (MDCA) the advertising and marketing holding company, where he played an instrumental role in growing the organization’s total digital revenue from 10% to over 40% which resulted in 300% share-holder return. His responsibilities included digital corporate strategy, M&A, and portfolio optimization.

Brandon has always been on the forefront of the trends that define the future of communications — first with the Internet, starting his career helping build Netscape’s Netcenter. Then with mobile, cofounding WideRay Corp in 1999, a location based mobile technology. Brandon has applied this view with a vision for corporate strategy and how it applies to transformation to lead over $120m in global M&A and helping raise over $100m in capital over his career. He brings his passion and knowledge of digital, having worked with some of the top companies in the world and now in his advisory and investment firm Beckett Layne Ventures.

A Tufts University graduate, Brandon is currently a board member, investor and advisor to some of the top digital companies in the industry, including Samba TV, Takumi, Epic Games, OwnerIQ(Exit to Inmar), 33Across, Wave Sports, SessionM (Exit to MA) , RebelMouse, Adaptly (Exit to ACN), SimpleReach (Exit to Nativo), Blue Ocean, Trust, Mucker Labs and others. He is also a member of the University of Chicago Booth’s New Venture Challenge.

Brandon has been published in the Guardian, is a frequent speaker in domestic and global conferences, and is often sourced in the media. He has been recognized by Adweek as one of the “Young Influentials: 20 under 40 Changing the World.”


Member - Board of Directors at TAKUMI

Jan 2021 — Present

Strategic Advisor at WAVE

Apr 2019 — Present

Strategic Advisor at

Mar 2019 — Present

Los Angeles, CA

Strategic Advisor at Rambler Sparkling Water

Jan 2019 — Present

New York City, NY

Managing Partner at Beckett Layne Ventures

Jun 2018 — Present

New York City, NY

Chief Business Officer at theSkimm

May 2017 — Jun 2018

New York City, NY

Board Member (Exit to DISCA) at

Jan 2017 — Jan 2018

Chicago, IL

Advisor (Exit to MasterCard) at SessionM

Jan 2016 — Oct 2019

Boston, MA

Senior Advisor (Exit to Nativo) at SimpleReach

Jun 2015 — Mar 2019

New York City, NY

Advisor at RebelMouse

Jan 2014 — Present

New York City, NY

Worldwide Board Member at Ogilvy & Mather

Feb 2013 — Jan 2017

Chief Digital Officer, Worldwide at Ogilvy & Mather

Jan 2011 — Jan 2017

Advisor (Exit to Accenture) at Adaptly

Jan 2010 — Dec 2018

New York City, NY

Board Member (Exit to Inmar) at ownerIQ

Jan 2010 — Jan 2019

Boston, MA

Vice President Digital Innovation at MDC Partners

Mar 2007 — Dec 2010

Partner, Senior Strategist, Founder - Digital Innovation at Ogilvy & Mather

Apr 2004 — Mar 2007

Co-Founder, Director of Marketing at WideRay Corp

Oct 1999 — Apr 2004

Internet Manager at Leagas Delaney

Oct 1998 — Oct 1999

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Operator is a platform that enables anyone or any brand seeking advice, support or feedback to connect one-on-one with a curated group of global leaders, one video call at a time.

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