Interview with Carolyn Bothwell, Founder of Freelance Founders

Carolyn Bothwell is the founder of Freelance Founders™, a digital, members-only community that empowers creative and marketing freelancers to build financially viable careers

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Interview with Katy Lee, Brand Marketing Leader at Ikea

Katy Lee is a passionate and strategic Brand Marketing Leader with 15+ years of experience working across industries and brands such as IKEA USA, Hershey Company, Comcast and more

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Jack Bedwani, Global CEO the projects*

Jack has spent his 15 year career keenly interested in the influence that brilliantly creative people hold and how they use it

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How To Successfully Navigate The World of Press Releases

A press release is often a page-long, compelling news story or announcement written by a public relations professional and sent to targeted members of the media

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How to create the perfect talent profile on Publicist

You are a brilliant communications and marketing professional, but what sometimes doesn’t come as easy is marketing yourself - and marketing yourself to stand out among other talent

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How to Submit a Proposal

Publicist's platform makes the process of submitting your first proposal as easy as three simple steps

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