How to Submit a Proposal

Publicist's platform makes the process of submitting your first proposal as easy as three simple steps

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How to Write a Brief

Writing a brief is essential to a timely and successful completion of any service, task or product

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Interview with Katy Lee, Brand Marketing Leader at Ikea

Katy Lee is a passionate and strategic Brand Marketing Leader with 15+ years of experience working across industries and brands such as IKEA USA, Hershey Company, Comcast and more

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Jack Bedwani, Global CEO the projects*

Jack has spent his 15 year career keenly interested in the influence that brilliantly creative people hold and how they use it

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Hermione Underwood, The H Collective

Director of The H Collective, consulting to clients globally, Hermione is a leader in the social and digital space

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Storytelling: Another Way of Communicating to Reach Goals

Understanding your audience is 50% of shaping a story, and understanding storytelling is the other 50%

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The Most Popular Emojis in 2020 Marketers Use to Drive Engagement

A surprising 72% of people worldwide believe it is easier to express emotions using emojis

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Customer Engagement Techniques

Most product people believe that having a deep knowledge of your customers and their behaviors is important

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