Marketing Tips for Startups

Avoiding costly pitfalls and time zappers.

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Is Instagram dying? (Yes, but not for everyone — and not for the reasons you’d expect)

The slow but continuous surge in the number of people that are no longer growing and/or losing followers on Instagram has a lot of us asking “is Instagram dead/dying?” Sadly, for most people reading this article, the answer is yes, but not for everyone and not for the reasons you expect.

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Interview with David Berkowitz, Founder of Serial Marketers

We sat down with David Berkowitz, veteran agency and tech leader turned demand gen extraordinaire. He’s currently the principal of the Serial Marketer consultancy, where he generates demand for technology firms, agencies, and brands.

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Interview with Leah Seay, Issues Management Spokesperson at Amazon

Leah Seay is an issues management spokesperson at Amazon, where she serves as Amazon Operations’ main media contact for litigation, theft, global social media issues, and customer service issues – dealing with the company’s most difficult scenarios. Prior to Amazon, Seay worked at General Motors (GM) where she led state and local public policy communications in Washington, D.

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Interview with Carolyn Bothwell, Founder of Freelance Founders

Carolyn Bothwell is the founder of Freelance Founders™, a digital, members-only community that empowers creative and marketing freelancers to build financially viable careers. She is a seasoned creative with a background in brand strategy copywriting.

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9 Tips On How To Write An Engaging Bio On Publicist

Signing up for Publicist is easy. Writing a personal bio, on the other hand, can be really challenging.

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How To Set Your Rate As A Freelancer

As a consultant or freelance marketer, you are in charge of your own rates. There is no set amount that you must charge for each project, which can be both liberating and daunting at the same time.

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Comprehensive Guide to PR and Marketing Conferences 2022

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to all upcoming PR and Marketing events and conferences! We’re bringing you all of the must-attend events for 2022.

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