At The Core Of Lara Vandenberg, Publicist's Founder

"I always knew the marketing and communications industry was my calling; I could never imagine myself anywhere else

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Jack Bedwani, Global CEO the projects*

Jack has spent his 15 year career keenly interested in the influence that brilliantly creative people hold and how they use it

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Hermione Underwood, The H Collective

Director of The H Collective, consulting to clients globally, Hermione is a leader in the social and digital space

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Understanding Persuasive Communication

Persuasive communication plays a significant role in helping others adopt a new behavior or take a preferred action

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Why It's More Important Than Ever To Rethink Your Marketing Team

As we acclimate to the "new normal" in the workforce, brands are trying to navigate what the future of the industry looks like

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Publicist launches to market in Australia after experiencing strong traction in North America

Publicist, the online marketplace for the world’s top communications and marketing talent, has launched in Australia

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