Interview with Leah Seay, Issues Management Spokesperson at Amazon

Leah Seay is an issues management spokesperson at Amazon, where she serves as Amazon Operations’ main media contact for litigation, theft, global social media issues, and customer service issues – dealing with the company’s most difficult scenarios

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Interview with Carolyn Bothwell, Founder of Freelance Founders

Carolyn Bothwell is the founder of Freelance Founders™, a digital, members-only community that empowers creative and marketing freelancers to build financially viable careers

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Interview with Katy Lee, Brand Marketing Leader at Ikea

Katy Lee is a passionate and strategic Brand Marketing Leader with 15+ years of experience working across industries and brands such as IKEA USA, Hershey Company, Comcast and more

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Why You Need To Use 30 Hashtags on Every Single Instagram Post

As a casual user of Instagram, people click on hashtags to find relevant posts and topics that interest them

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Content Strategy: What You Need To Know Before You Get Started

Just what exactly is content strategy? You could hop on Google and find half a dozen complicated-sounding explanations that just aren’t necessary

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