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Chi Zhao

CEO of Hokku PR

Aug 2014 — Present

Founder of Hokku PR and Variable X. Startup specialist.

About Me

Chi Zhao is the Founder of Hokku PR and Variable X, two sister public relations firm in the US and UK that provides strategy and communications support to venture-backed startups and global fintech/blockchain companies, respectively. In her career, she has helped launch more than 100+ startups, a third of which have either been acquired or gone public.


Founder at Variable X

Jul 2019 — Present

London, UK

Co-Founder at All Coin Bits

Jan 2018 — Present

Vice President at Astrsk

Apr 2013 — Aug 2014

Marketing Manager at Mobli

Jun 2012 — Apr 2013

Account Executive at The Morris + King Company

Nov 2011 — Jun 2012

Account Executive at Appular Mobile App PR & Marketing

Jul 2010 — Nov 2011

Operator can advise on

Domain Expertise Advice

Advice based on years of experience, knowledge and understanding of marketing, PR, brand communications and strategy, especially for startups.


Providing guidance, knowledge, and connections to aid in advancing your career.

Business/Product strategy

Help determining the direction of your business and what you want it to look like in the future as well as defining what you hope to accomplish with your product, and how to plan to do so.

Why book a 1:1 meeting?

Operator is a platform that enables anyone or any brand seeking advice, support or feedback to connect one-on-one with a curated group of leading marketers and communications specialists via video consultations. Operators are seasoned leaders with years of experience in marketing and communications across all industries. The Operator service removes barriers that have historically existed between top experts in the field and individuals looking for seeking guidance for project guidance, advice, inspiration and so much more. Individuals can browse Operators profiles, which include their bio, meeting rate and calendar availability, and can book and pay for a 60 minute meeting. Once the booking is confirmed, a calendar invite and meeting video link are automatically sent to meeting participants.


What is Operator?

Operator is a platform that enables anyone or any brand seeking advice, support or feedback to connect one-on-one with a curated group of global leaders, one video call at a time.

Who is Operator for?

Operator is for any individual or brand that is seeking domain expertise advice, business strategy guidance, mentorship or support from our curated group of leading marketers and communications specialists.

How is Operator different than the Publicist marketplace?

Operator was created to support individuals who are looking for advice, support or inspiration from Experts. Operators share guidance but they do not produce any tangible deliverables. While brands can hire talent from Publicist platform for strategic support, The Publicist marketplace is geared towards brands who are looking to hire talent to execute on specific projects or deliverables. The Publicist marketplace and Operator offerings are complementary. With Operator, individuals and brands will gain valuable insights and get specific guidance on anything from how to scale a business, to what it is like to run a marketing and communications team and so much more. Once they’ve received advice, they can go to the Publicist marketplace and search for talent to execute on new initiatives.

How it Works



Individuals browse Operator’s profiles and rates



Individuals pay for the meeting using Stripe and are not billed until 24 hours before the meeting



Once the meeting is accepted, Operator sends calendar links & meeting details to participants