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Our mission is to empower individuals and brands with access to the world’s best business, communications and marketing executive mentors, one meeting at a time.

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Why join Operator?

Operator is an easy-to-use platform that enables individuals to set up a time to meet with our community of experts. No longer worry about managing inbound meeting requests, sending out calendar invites, and giving away advice without being rewarded. We know that you have a lot of knowledge to share with the world, and we are making it simple for you to meet and connect with individuals who want to learn from you.

Capitalize on your experience and expertise in a simple and convenient way

Define and adjust your availability around 60-minute time slots

Receive calendar invites , meeting notifications & a video link

Automatically get payment once your meeting is complete

Get a personalized profile link that can be shared with your network

Communicate directly through the platform, without sharing your personal information

An easy-to-use platform

Operator manages your inbound requests for advice, meeting appointments, and calendar invites so you or your team do not have to. You can edit your profile at any time, review meeting requests on the go, and receive calendar invites and video meeting links directly to your inbox.

A customized experience

Each expert creates a profile that includes their work experience, areas of expertise, and meeting rate per hour. Adjust your calendar whenever you want, according to your availability. You’ll have the option to accept or deny meeting requests if your availability changes or if the client's meeting scope is not in line with your area of expertise.

A community that gives back

Operator is all about enriching the world and giving back to the community. You will have the opportunity to help teach and influence individuals and brands, sharing all the knowledge you’ve acquired during your career. Your impact does not stop there. Once meetings are complete experts receive payment via Stripe. All experts can opt-out of being paid directly and instead donate their payment to a good cause.

Expand your network

While Operator was created to democratize access for individuals to meet with executives and to help streamline meeting management, we are also creating a community amongst our Operators. High-level talent can meet new people and communicate in confidence.

Publicist founder, Lara Vandenberg

Hi, I'm Lara Vandenberg, the Founder of Operator, by Publicist. At Publicist, our mission is to democratize access to the world's top leaders, and that is why I am so excited that you are interested in joining the operator community!

Meet Our Operators

Our Operators are business leaders who specialize in marketing, communications, advertising, go-to-market strategy, business transformation, diversity equity and inclusion, management, and more.

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I love the idea of a "Fiverr for domain expertise." Sometimes you just want to float ideas or brainstorm outside of your company -- and it makes a ton of sense to build a network for this use case.

Operator Katie Perry's headshot

Katie Perry

VP of Marketing at Public.com

Excited by the innovative approach to connecting clients and experts versus the traditional agency model which is archaic and inefficient. Always keen to expand my professional network and be of service where I can add value.

Operator Jon Goss's headshot

Jon Goss

Chief Brand Officer at NeueHouse

This is an exciting opportunity to discover potential projects and partnerships. And to share my always expanding knowledge and experience to benefit others within the industry. Paying it forward for everyone to have the opportunity to win!

Operator Kimry Blackwelder's headshot

Kimry Blackwelder

Brand Communications and Partnerships