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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Publicist?

Publicist is an online marketplace platform. It is a global network of PR & Marketing talent that is changing the way freelancers and brands connect and communicate. We seek out the most respected, most awarded, and hardest working communications professionals so companies don’t have to. Our model is project-based-payment.

What projects can be done on Publicist? 

Publicist offers over 300+ skills and services within the PR & Marketing industry. See all skills and services here. 


New to Communications or Marketing? How to get started  

Communications & Marketing is the outward voice of your brand. Our talent should be an extension of your brand, assisting you on any communications, marketing, content creation, strategy, messaging or social need you may have. Start by browsing examples of live projects. 

How do you join the community as talent?

In applying to become talent, you will need to register your profile by answering questions specific to work history, companies you have worked with or for, in additional to optional references and uploading past works. We encourage talent to make their profile as detailed as possible. In registering, our communications board will vet all publicists that have registered to the platform.

Can any company use publicist?

Yes! Start-ups turn to Publicist to be their communications partner to launch and build their brands, and large companies rely on Publicist to bring innovative and effective programs to raise awareness with different audiences. PR & Marketing is not one-size-fits all. 

How to reset your password

Login to your account, you will find a prompt to reset your password.  From here, you will receive an email prompting you to reset your password.

Can I rehire talent I have worked with before?

Yes, you are able to re-invite your favored talent to complete future projects.

Is it free to post a project on Publicist?

It’s completely free to post your project on Publicist. Once posted, you’ll then start receiving offers from talent who want to complete the project for you.

Am I in control of selecting the talent I want to work with?

Completely, the selection of the talent is entirely your decision.


How long does it take to be vetted and approved onto the site?

Talent will be approved or denied within 48 to 72 hours after completing your profile. The submission process is automatic and occurs when you have reached 100% completion on of your profile.

Is it free to pitch on a project on Publicist?

It’s completely free to pitch on a project on Publicist.

How do I get paid?

You will get paid half of your proposed rate when the project starts. Upon successful completion of the project, you will be paid the remaining half of your proposed rate. Funds are immediately transferred to your Stripe Connect account and are usually available within a few business days.

I’ve been denied as talent, can I try again?

Yes. We encourage publicists to apply every few months when you have a stronger portfolio and or references. 


How does payment work?

Publicist uses Stripe to make it simple and safe to pay for your projects. Publicist adds a 20% fee to the proposed project rate and charges clients half of the total budget when the project starts and half upon successful project completion. We do not charge a fee on funds received by freelancer users.

How do I send and receive payments?

The payment system we use is Stripe. All moneys are transferred and released within the platform.

Is there a referral program?

Currently we do not offer a referral program.