Publicist is an online platform that connects a global network of premium communications & marketing talent with top brands, by project, on demand. The Publicist platform is changing the way independent consultants and brands connect, communicate and transact, built for brands and agencies looking to hire talent with no long-term commitments. By combining a premium sourcing platform with a system to manage talent, onboarding, and payment, Publicist streamlines the way companies, communications and marketing talent work together. Publicist seeks out and fully vets the most respected, awarded, and hardest working communications professionals so that companies do not have to. Companies can log on to Publicist and list projects. Then, talent will pitch a proposal that companies can either accept and hire the expert, or decline and keep looking. Streamlining the workflow, project scope, milestones, communications and payments are all captured within the Publicist platform.

#1 Describe Your Project

Tell us what you need, when you need it by, and the talent profile you are looking to hire.

#2 List Your Project

Finalize your listing and connect with industry and skill specific talent.

#3 Find Your Talent Expert

Select and invite the expert of your choice to work on your project.

#4 Hire Your Expert

Congratulations! You and your new team member are ready to start work.


Publicist enterprise offering is a custom solution for large brands and agencies needing help scaling and optimizing how your organization does project-based work. to power the future of flexible work

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