Overview of Engagements & Proposals

  1. Starting an Engagement
  2. Revisions
  3. Archiving Engagements
  4. Using the Chat Function

Starting an Engagement

When you are interested in a job, the next step is to open an Engagement with a proposal. The initial proposal is open for negotiation and consists of your Proposed Project Rate as well as a short written Brief.



Companies may accept your initial proposal or request revisions. When all revisions are complete and all terms are agreed upon, companies may accept your revisions and indicate that you are hired!

Archiving Engagements

If you do not decide to work together, either party may Archive the engagement. All engagements, including archived ones, are accessible through the ‘Engagements’ tab.

Using the Chat Function

You will receive email notifications about new Chat and event activity within your engagements.

Tip - Within your engagement, there is an open chat box. You and the job poster may chat further about the job posting or about your proposal in the chat.