GUIDE • 2 mins

Grow your Influence: Tips for Gaining Followers on TikTok.

Sara Bright

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media apps, used most widely by the younger population. Utilizing this platform can be a very effective marketing tool for your company to increase brand awareness as well as promote original content. In order to effectively develop your business on this social network, you need to target followers who are interested in your brand.

Here are some easy tips to help widen your customer base and captivate a larger following: 

  • Collaborate with influencers: 

Find different individuals on TikTok who identify with your brand. Collaborate with these users and initiate a partnership. Your influencer can post sponsored content on his or her account promoting your brand, and their followers will be encouraged to check out your business. You can rely on influencers to help increase brand awareness and grow your company’s follower count. 

  • Be interactive and responsive:

Especially for small businesses looking to grow their audience, it is crucial to engage with viewers and cultivate a relationship. Show that you care about connecting with your followers, and you will continue to gain numerous loyal fans. Making use of the Live feature is another way to engage with your audience. 

  • Timing is everything:

Various studies have proven that timing is extremely influential in the success of a post. Consider posting between the hours of 6 AM to 10 AM or from 7 PM to 11 PM EST. This will likely boost the viewership of your post, which in turn will hopefully increase your followers and aid in brand development. 

  • Use, but don’t abuse, hashtags:

Include hashtags relevant to your product, brand, or company to aid in the public’s search for your content. Make sure you choose a hashtag that is relevant to your product, brand, or company; shy away from purposelessly using a trending hashtag that does not promote your company, otherwise, you won’t reach your target audience, and you’ll come across as desperate, which is not what anyone wants.  

  • Take part in trends and challenges:

Creators on TikTok constantly are coming up with various trending challenges for all users to take part in. Participate in these challenges and incorporate your own company’s flair to highlight brand differentiation; this will help elevate your business’ TikTok presence and open up to a wider audience to grow your following. 

  • Post regularly:

It is obvious that the more you post, the more likely it is that your content will be seen. Research shows that on average, TikTok users visit the app 8 times per day. The more your company posts promoting your business, the greater chance that these screenagers and phone-addicted adults will see one of your videos on their for you page–known by avid users as the FYP. Take advantage of this high-traffic platform and give the TikTok-obsessed population new and frequent content to promote your brand!

As social media increasingly becomes a necessary part of our daily lives, not just for fun and entertainment, but also for communication, business, and education purposes, the effective use of these platforms is vital for success. The online workplace is dominated by the younger generation, the future of the labor force. TikTok has experienced the fastest growth of any social media platform to date, and any growing business should be looking towards this App to broaden its community. 

In general, post creative, fun, and friendly content to appeal to a variety of viewers. You’ll gain experience and expertise the more you use this social media site, and soon you’ll know how to create videos with the purpose of reaching your target audience. Practice makes perfect, and soon enough you’ll gain a steady following who will be looking for your content!