GUIDE • 3 mins

How To Successfully Navigate The World of Press Releases

Emily Bright

A press release is often a page-long, compelling news story or announcement written by a public relations professional and sent to targeted members of the media. The goal of a press release is to pique the interest of a journalist or publication.

A press release should answer the questions of “who,” “what,” “why,” and “where,” in relation to a company and its news worth sharing. A press release keeps up constant and transparent communication between a brand or company and its consumers. A press release gathers media attention towards your brand’s announcement, which will then spread to your consumers.  

The power of the press release

Journalists and reporters use press releases to navigate and craft a story and gather press around your brand or company. This inside look into the intentions and progress of a company makes for a great story for journalists to publish. Getting your press release into the hands of the right journalist can lead to increased brand awareness, exposure, and higher respect in the industry.

The key to the perfect press release is conciseness. The document shouldn't be more than two pages long (most are only a page) to keep your audience engaged in a world of shorter attention spans. A press release can also be produced in video content form, such as an announcement to the public and the media. A press release must capture its audience from the headline, especially during the cycle of 24/7 news. Successful press releases usually include quotes from top executives or employees that provide insight into the morals, intentions, and future of the company.

Typewriter with the headline

There are many reasons to issue a press release if your company has valuable announcements to share. Some different types of press releases include:

New product launches: A press release about a new product launch is a great way to spread the word about your company’s new service. The press release should highlight the product’s availability, pricing, versatility, and any other valuable information. 

Mergers and acquisitions: A press release is often issued when two companies merge together, or one company acquires another. When announcing a merger or acquisition, make sure to mention the benefit of the company collaboration, and include quotes from top executives. This kind of press release should highlight the trajectory and progress of a company. 

Product updates: If any major changes are made to a product, a press release can be issued to highlight its new strengths and opportunities.

Events: Press releases are valuable for promoting an upcoming event and spreading the word to news outlets and other media sources. This type of press release should include a description of the event, the location, time, pricing, and who will be in attendance. 

Grand openings: The best way to inform the media of a new grand opening is through a press release. In a grand opening press release, announce the date and location of the event, as well as any enticing details for the new grand opening. Include a statement from the president or executive of the company on their excitement of the grand opening. 

New partnerships: Brand partnerships are important in building brand awareness and expanding your company’s reach, so announcing a new partnership in a press release can help spread the word quickly to the right people. Make sure to write a summary of both companies and how the partnership will positively affect each individually. 

Rebranding: Rebranding is one of the most important opportunities a brand can seize. When done correct, rebranding can save a company and help them keep up with the times. Announcing the rebrand with a press release will alert the public of this change and prepare them for what’s to come next. The rebranding transition can be a bit difficult and sometimes awkward, so issuing a press release is good preparation for the public. 

Executive promotions/Hiring: Promoting a top employee or hiring a new executive is important to the progress of a company, and alerting the public of this new change keeps your consumers in the loop.

Awards: Winning an award for your company is a big accomplishment that should be shared with the media. Press releases about awards and accomplishments can help establish credibility and build a positive reputation for your brand or company. When writing a press release on an award won, make sure to identify the award or competition, why your company was granted the award, and details about the ceremony if applicable.

Mastering the art of writing press releases is one of the best ways to gather positive press for your brand or company, as well as establish a trusted relationship with the media and your consumers.