How to Write a Brief

By: Ashley Gillen

Writing a brief is essential to a timely and successful completion of any service, task or product. Whether you are just starting out, or want a quick refresher, this guide will walk you through the ins and outs of writing a simple and effective brief.

So, what exactly is a brief? 

A brief is a short guide that summarizes the key details of a project. The brief will be presented to the relevant stakeholders before the project begins and inform the project as it progresses. 

Now, how do you actually write one? 

Step 1: 

Start out by writing a short description of your brand. Include relevant background information as well as the general look and feel of your company. It also may be helpful to include any previous promotional or marketing materials as reference.

Summarize your brand’s mission and give insight into how this project came about. 

Step 2:

Define the goals of your project. Describe in detail what you hope to achieve from the project.

Goals can range from user engagement to changing brand perception and brand awareness. Be as specific as possible when describing exactly what you are wanting achieved. Being on the same page as all your stakeholders right from the beginning is crucial in setting yourself up for success.

Publicist platform showing budget and category cards.
Step 3: 

Outline your target audience and the best ways to reach them. Provide demographics like age, gender, and location. If you have information on specific consumer pain points and the communication channels that appeal to them most, include this here. 

Step 4: 

How will the success of this project be measured? Give specific metrics of how the project will be evaluated. This helps to ensure that each party’s goals will be met and can inform future decisions. 

Milestones and projects timeline.

Include a brief description of your company’s competitive landscape. Who are your top competitors and what do they do well? How does your brand differentiate themselves? This can greatly help to ensure that your project is not only completed well, but that it stands out from the competition.