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9 Tips On How To Write An Engaging Bio On Publicist

Ashley Gillen

Signing up for Publicist is easy. Writing a personal bio, on the other hand, can be really challenging. However, it's one of the most important tasks because it can really help you stand out from other freelancers and full timers for that matter.. Not only should it be appealing enough to convince potential clients to read it, but also informative enough so it's clear why you're the best choice for the job. The trick is finding a balance between these two elements. So, how do you do that? In this article, we'll cover the top tips to help you write a stellar personal bio in no time.

First Sentence Matters

Your first sentence is the most crucial part of your bio. It sets the tone for what you're all about and can make a massive difference to how your potential client sees you. Since clients only stay on a webpage for an average of 15 seconds, you need to impress them in order to secure a new project or potential job offer down the line.

For example, you might not want to start your bio with: I am interested in writing bios that will help people achieve their goals. This lackluster statement doesn't make you want to keep reading. Instead, consider an impactful statement like "I'm extremely good at one thing. And that's helping SaaS companies and small businesses rank for their target keywords."

Be Engaging

Since the Internet is a vast place, you want to ensure your potential clients will be interested in reading more about who you are and what value you can offer. So give them exactly that by writing an engaging bio with impactful statements that paint a picture of how amazing it would be to work with you.

While it might seem simple to Google a sample biography and then edit it with your name, you're not going to keep readers hooked until the end. So instead, think about what makes your services different or unique and highlight it in your bio.

Consider Your Clients

When writing a personal bio, you want to make sure it's not all about you and what makes you great. Remember, clients are searching for someone who can help solve a need, so you want to make sure your bio reflects that to guarantee you're their number one choice. Talk about how working with your clients will help them achieve their goals or solve their problems. Providing specific examples or case studies is a great way to show how qualified you are for the job.

Make It Personal

As a freelancer, you have the ability to make yourself sound like a human and less like a corporate robot company. Take the time to include personal details that help define who you are and what makes you unique.

Think about your life experiences, hobbies, or passions. If there's something unusual about you—like traveling to every country in the world —include it, especially if you can relate it to your current skills or offerings! It helps people see how much more interesting you are than other freelancers out there.

Use Keywords

Keywords help tell the story that you want to get across, plus they'll help you rank on search engines. Think about who your ideal clients are and what they're looking for when considering the keywords you're going to use in your bio. Don't go overboard, though! Keyword stuffing or putting keywords into content that doesn't make sense can hurt you more than help! Ensure they're not distracting from the overall message of who you are and why clients should hire you for their project.

For example, if your specialty is content marketing, you might want to include words like "freelance content marketing" or “freelance marketing consultant." You wouldn't want to include plain keywords like "marketing" or "freelancer" because you might end up getting lost among hundreds of other profiles.

Include Top Line Qualifications

Whether you're a freelance web designer or content marketer, your clients want to know what makes you such an expert. So be sure to include top-line qualifications in your bio, like certifications and degrees—whether it's from Harvard University or the College of Web Designing!

You might consider displaying them in a neat bullet-point list, or you might want to write about your educational background in more detail. Either way, the idea is to let potential clients know you're truly qualified for the job so they can decide if working with you will be beneficial or not.

Talk About Your Future Career Goals

While it's easy to talk about your past experience, make sure to sprinkle in some information about your future career goals. What are your goals as a freelancer? Where do you see yourself in five years? Sharing your growth plans and how they relate to your clients will help paint a picture of what working with you could look like.

Limit The Number Of Words

While you should include all the relevant information about yourself, don't go overboard. While it might be tempting to write a 2,000-word essay on yourself and your qualifications, it's essential to be realistic about how much your potential clients will actually take the time to read. Therefore, make sure only to include relevant information and keep it to the point. For example, you might not want to include your entire educational background, especially if it doesn't relate to the services you offer. A short paragraph with the most essential points is enough!

Link To Your Work

Last but certainly not least, make sure you include links to your work. It's great to list out your experience, but it's even better when a potential client can see first-hand the results. This allows them to get a feel for your design style or writing voice, which can help them determine if you're the right person for their project.


One of the most critical parts of getting yourself out there as a freelancer is to have an engaging and professional bio. You're going to want your potential clientele to know who you are, what makes you unique, and why they should hire you for their project! By following the tips listed above and writing a bio that reflects your skills, knowledge, and personality, you're sure to find your dream clients in no time!

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