GUIDE • 2 mins

Interview Tips: How to Nail a Video Interview

Sara Bright

The road to getting a job can be a long and difficult process. Interviewing for a job is undeniably nerve-wracking and a real challenge, but it is a necessary step in order to enter the professional world. Interviewing is a skill, and it is something that must be worked on and practiced. Anyone can obtain great interview abilities with proper preparation. As a result of COVID-19, and our new digital reality that continues to seep its way into normal life, video interviews are much more common. While an online interview may lessen the pressure a bit, it is still extremely important that you commit to mastering your interview skills to guarantee success.

Here are a few tips to help you nail your next video interview:

  • First and foremost, take a video interview as seriously as you would an in-person interview. 

Do your research on the company and the role you are applying for, look up typical questions you may be asked in an interview in order to come up with model answers, and prepare your own questions for your interviewer. By doing so, your passion and excitement for this job opportunity will show, which is an important quality that interviewers are looking for. 

  • Check your devices prior to the video interview to ensure you will experience no technical difficulties. 

Make sure your internet connection is strong and that your software is up-to-date if necessary for the type of interview you will be having. In addition, make sure your microphone is working well, and you can be heard clearly; you don’t want your interviewer to miss anything important you have to say! 

  • Set up your space well for a clear camera view. 

Don’t sit too far away or too close to the camera. Also, it is essential that you establish good eye contact to express your focus during an interview. This is much more difficult through a computer screen, but an interviewer will still be able to tell if you are not looking him or her in the “eyes”. Angle your computer in whatever way makes it most comfortable to maintain eye contact while looking straight ahead at the screen. 

  • Be timely! 

Even though you aren’t in person, it still looks better if you show up a little early. Yes, you’ll likely just be entering a virtual “waiting room”, but it will reveal your punctuality, which employers care about. 

  • Pay attention to your facial expressions.

 This will be your main source of communication besides the actual words spoken during the interview. For a video interview, your body language and other smaller, but important, conversation components are less visible; therefore, make sure to utilize your facial expressions, something that is still seen clearly through the screen, to convey emotion and express your desire and fit for the role. Smile throughout your interview–don’t go crazy but do so when appropriate. A smile can go a long way. 

  • Be conversational and friendly! 

This is how you should approach any interview. You want to make a connection with your interviewer. Let your personality show, and don’t give textbook answers. If the interview flows well and has a good rhythm, rather than a “question, answer, repeat” system, you will stand out. 

In general, treat a video interview like any other interview. Come prepared, be presentable, express your interest in the job and the interviewer, and be yourself. If you believe you are a good fit for the role, and you work hard to convey that, chances are your interviewer will think so too!