50 One-Sentence Marketing Tips

Matthew Royse

Most marketing efforts don’t hit the mark, so it’s no wonder that sometimes the marketing industry is looked down upon by others who don’t work in marketing. It’s your responsibility, as a marketer, not your audience, to make your marketing relevant, memorable, and impactful. To help you think differently about how you market, how to better connect with your customers, and prospects, and make a big impact, I compiled a list of pithy sentences.

How To Market Better With One-Sentence Tips

To help you become better at marketing, here are 50 tips written in one sentence each.

1. You can’t market something unless you understand the “why” first.

2. Great marketing is great storytelling.

3. Work with your development team to create products and services your audience actually wants and needs, not what you think they want and need.

4. The best marketers learn how they are successfully marketed to.

5. Everyone thinks they are a marketer, so you need to teach not preach.

6. Good innovation can’t sustain a company; it must be combined with good marketing.

7. The best marketing is not marketing.

8. Successful marketing focuses on helping, not hoping.

9. Good marketing can’t be bought; it needs to be earned.

10. You can market on a shoestring budget but only for so long.

11. Audiences are not as smart or as dumb as marketers think.

12. Speak in plain English because most U.S. adults read and understand at an eighth-grade reading level.

13. Marketing is all about the art of making people believe that something is possible.

14. Focus on the customer, not yourself or your company.

15. You can’t be successful in marketing without failures.

16. Marketing doesn’t sell, it connects the dots.

17. The devil is in the details, so pay attention to everything like comedians do.

18. Be different to stand out, so zig when others zag.

19. People are talking about you whether or not you like what they are saying, so change the narrative.

20. To become a better storyteller, watch popular movies.

21. The market judges the success of your marketing, not you or your boss.

22. Understand why your audience uses a social media channel so you can engage with them better.

23. Email is a quicker way to earn the trust of your audience.

24. Don’t underestimate the power of thought leadership to drive demand.

25. Understand where your audience hangs out online first before you digitally market to them.

26. Concentrate on where execution meets strategy because that’s where success and failure lie.

25. Marketing is becoming more like sales and sales is becoming more like marketing.

26. Learn from songwriters and use more emotion in your marketing.

27. Marketing is an art and a science so the best marketers master both.

28. Build your influence first before you sell something.

29. You can only market a product or service if you are confident in the product or service.

30. Embrace different perspectives because that’s where you find good ideas.

31. Develop a real marketing strategy because most strategies are not really strategies.

32. Discounts are red flags to your audience and show you are desperate in your marketing.

33. The best marketers master the art of delivery.

34. Nothing is impossible, and marketing shows the world what is possible.

35. You can’t market to an audience if you don’t understand what really makes them tick.

36. Find something in your marketing that’s worth repeating.

37. Marketing is a conversation, not a lecture.

38. A strategy fails because it’s not defined and communicated well.

39. Listen more than you talk.

40. Online experiences begin with search engines so make Google love you.

41. Great content equals great marketing.

42. Your marketing messages only work if people believe and value them.

43. The only way to grow with your marketing is to become comfortable being uncomfortable.

44. Cut to the chase and eloquently say what everyone else is thinking.

45. The best marketers first standardize their digital marketing, then virtualize their digital marketing, and finally automate their digital marketing.

46. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture with the roller coaster of wins and losses or mountains and valleys.

47. The best marketers are curious and ask great and smart questions about human nature.

48. Skilled marketers are process-driven while developing structured flexibility.

49. Marketing is never finished, so study other companies and marketers by learning what worked well and why.

50. Momentum and the flywheel effect is the secret to your marketing success.

Bringing It All Together

These marketing tips should help you think differently about marketing and assist you to push harder and make a bigger impact. We, as marketers, need to work together to improve our efficiency and shine a bigger light on our profession. It’s a great time to be a marketer.

Article originally published to Medium

Written by Matthew Royse