How to Avoid Burnout as a Freelancer and Enjoy Your Work!

Grace Jeselson

Working for yourself can be stressful and challenging. These are some ways to avoid getting burnt-out in the process.

Freelancing is great, until you realize that you work non-stop without taking a break. It can be hard for people to switch between work life and social life, since their job is not a typical 9-5. As a freelancer your income entirely depends on you, which can be stressful and cause a lot of pressure on yourself. This leads to burn-out, meaning you are overworked both mentally and physically. It is a feeling that most don’t enjoy and would want to avoid. Below are ways you can!

A man is working at his desk from home and seems stressed out

Pick up a hobby

One of the best ways to avoid burnout in any situation is to take a break for yourself and do something else you enjoy. Sure, your job can be fun and make you happy, but it is good to switch it up and have a hobby or hobbies that are separate from your work. Picking up a hobby gives you the ability to focus on something else and relax.

Set goals

It is important to understand how much you are able to accomplish in one day. A freelancer must understand their limits and how much time it takes for them to finish certain tasks/projects. When booking clients, make sure you have the time to do the project while still getting enough breaks to stay sane, happy, and energized! Having a plan makes all the difference and can lead to less stress.

Build long term relationships with good clients

If you find a client that you really love working with, try and create a lasting relationship with them to see if they’ll hire you again in the future. Having a good client relationship will keep your work motivation alive and will make the job a happy experience to look back on. 

Create boundaries

Working for yourself can be cool until you work yourself out like a dog. Create boundaries for yourself surrounding your work schedule. Make sure there is a specific time that you stop working and enjoy another aspect of your life. Avoid falling into the habit of creating too much work for yourself and spread out your assignments to avoid this habit of overworking yourself.

Change of scenery

One of the best parts about being a freelancer is having the ability to do work anywhere and during whatever time you want. However, sitting at the same desk, looking at the same computer can get boring and get you in a rut. Instead, try working at a coffee shop, your backyard, or another room in your house. You’d be surprised at how different you feel with different surroundings from time to time.