Brand Positioning: 4 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Grace Jeselson

A complete guide on how to make your brand stand out above the rest!

Having a strong brand should be one of your business’ top priorities. If your brand is positioned well, it will help generate revenue and attract new clients. A win win for everyone! Brand positioning is building your brand around your customers and what you think they would like to see more of. Positioning your brand correctly and in an original way can go far and will help shape your reputation. Here are four ways to position your brand in a unique way.

Different ways brand positioning works

Create a brand positioning statement that is catchy:

A brand positioning statement is a way to make your brand memorable and stand out from the rest. It is typically around 1-2 sentences and helps people understand what the values of the brand are. These statements  are meant to target your brand’s audience, show how you are relevant, and possibly create a brand promise.

Here is an example of our positioning statement: Publicist, the online platform that connects a global network of communications and marketing talent with top brands through project-based work

Build advertisements around the positioning:

After creating a positioning statement, build an advertisement around that. For example, the airline, JetBlue uses their statement, “Our standards beat their extras” to talk about how they give out free soft drinks and snacks on their flights.

A JetBlue advertisement about the snacks and drinks they offer on flights

Stay credible:

Brand credibility is extremely important. You want to make sure your brand is one that people rely on for trusted information. Look into your data and analytics to see what people really connect with and then create more of that. Answering customers' questions and helping solve issues they are having will go a long way in building trust and customer loyalty

Have better content that competitors:

Making sure your content is better than the rest will make your brand more memorable to the consumer. One way to make your content stand out as ‘superior’ is to make content in a variety of formats. For example, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc… These are all ways that your customers are consuming and enjoying content. Each format is an opportunity to reach your customer in a unique way. Another way is by making the length not so long that people won’t read it, but not so short that there is no useful information being shared. Lastly, keep the tone the same and add personal touches to your content so that users feel more connected to your brand.