How to Host The Best Virtual Event

Grace Jeselson

For right now, virtual events are a big way to bring people together. Below are some ways to leverage virtual events to create community.

Virtual events need the same care and attention to detail as a regular in person event would. They are held to deliver your company’s message to its attendees, gain recognition, and build value for the company. Through virtual events, you are able to bring in a bunch of people from all over the map. Here are some things to keep in mind while hosting a virtual event. 

Cartoon video conference with a blue background

Present relevant content

Have a plan on exactly what is going to be presented at these virtual events. Know your target audience and then build a script around that. The content can also be presented in different ways to keep it interesting. For example, short videos, breakout sessions, and different speakers.

Keep meetings short

It is imperative that you keep your meetings and events shorter and more to the point. Nobody wants to be talked to for hours on end through a screen. That would make you lose engagement and the audience in general. Instead, you can do polls or live questions to keep the audience interested.

Add fun surprises

Adding the element of surprise keeps the audience engaged and on their toes. Examples for a surprise could include a guest speaker or a performance from a band. This way the event becomes more fun and different from other events they might be going to.

Ask attendees for input

Collecting feedback from attendees and measuring engagement on the events is a useful tool to see how people are enjoying the event. Virtual events are at an advantage because they can measure feedback almost immediately and change the rest of the event based on what people are saying. This feedback can also measure the success of the overall event.


In today's world, networking is key and a huge plus side to going to different events is being able to network with different individuals you might not have ever met. Being able to communicate with people during virtual sessions is a great way to keep people engaged with the information. You can also do a virtual Q&A feature or enable private chat windows.