Ways to Stay Motivated When Working From Home

Grace Jeselson

Working from home can be a challenge. Here are four ways to overcome that challenge!

Create a routine and stick to it

Having a routine is essential to staying on track, organized, and sane. It is important to have a good sleep schedule and to give yourself enough time to get up and out of bed before having to log on to your morning meeting. Create a schedule that contains a list of things you need to accomplish that day and then check them off when finished. By creating a scheduled list of tasks, you are staying on track, organized, and giving yourself less time to procrastinate. Within this schedule, it is important to know the peak/slump times of your working energy. This way you can work that into your routine. 

Women and cat working from home with a schedule and plant.

Have a designated workspace 

Having a specific area where you can focus on your work is extremely important when working from home. A way to maximize your productivity is to make your workspace feel like part of an actual office. A comfy chair, good internet connection, and an outlet nearby for easy access to charging are all important aspects to take into consideration. Having a workspace also allows for you to mentally disconnect from work when the day is done.

Figure out what work excites you

When going through your daily schedule, make sure there is at least one thing on there that excites you. It’ll give you a needed boost, and make you feel more engaged with all the work you are doing. 

Create rewards and take time for yourself

A great way to practice self care is by taking time for yourself. You can do this through a rewards system to hold yourself accountable for how much work you can accomplish. Then, there is something fun waiting in return. Creating rewards is a good incentive to finish your work in a timely manner. For example, telling yourself if you finish this task, you’ll be able to watch an episode of your favorite show. Or if the weather is nice, letting yourself go on walks outside. It is important to keep yourself motivated and happy, even when working through a screen.