The Top Five Reasons to Hire a Freelancer over an Agency

Grace Jeselson

A question most companies find themselves asking is: Should we hire a freelancer or an agency? Here are five reasons why you should choose to hire a freelancer.

A freelancer works on their own, meaning you communicate with the freelancer directly about the project at hand. The freelancer comes up with their own rate and the money is pocketed fully by them. Hiring through an agency is a little different. You pay several different people within the agency to complete a project, sign contracts, and negotiate terms. The agency itself is then paid and the money is dispersed in the way that the agency decides. Below are a list of the top five reasons on why you should hire a freelancer over an agency for your next project.

1. Specialized

Most of the time, a professional chooses to go on their own and become a freelancer because they have developed a specialized talent for their work and have acquired a great skill set. Therefore, hiring a freelancer over an agency has its perks. They can help your company with exactly what you’re looking for, since they have most likely spent years perfecting that craft. The more experience a freelancer has, the more value they can bring to a project.

2. Less expensive

Agencies are incredibly expensive compared to a freelancer because of the many additional overhead costs. A freelancer will not ask for a full-time salary plus benefits. Instead, they will probably ask for a set hourly rate, per-project. This is a lot less expensive compared to hiring an agency that might rent out a space and hire others to help. Hiring a freelancer over an agency allows companies to spend less without sacrificing the work being put out.

3. Fresh perspective

Freelancers are experts at what they do, and they’ll fill in the gaps where knowledge lacks surrounding the project they are hired to do. Since they are outsiders looking into the company, they have a fresh pair of eyes on what is going on and how to progress with the specific project. The freelancer usually does not know the mindset that the company works under, so they are able to come up with ideas that people at the company might not have thought of. Having a fresh perspective and new insights could be the solution to your problem and will help your company’s project succeed.

4. No long-term commitment

Hiring a freelancer over an agency means they are hired for usually one specific project, short or long term, and for a set amount of time. After they have completed their work, they move on, since they are hired as needed. It makes it easier for companies hiring freelancers because they know there isn’t an expectation to keep assigning more work or paying them when they are not needed. An agency might make you negotiate a budget and sign long-term contracts.

5. More time for you, priority, flexibility

When freelancers are hired, they can build their schedule around your company’s needs and priorities. They generally have far less projects than an agency, which means your project can become their top priority. This includes not necessarily working the normal business hours of 9 am to 6 pm. The reputation they build by working with companies is crucial to upholding their business, so they will most likely want to provide fabulous service and meet all your needs.