The Top Five Remote Skills Every Worker Needs to Master

Grace Jeselson

Remote work for most people is a new thing that takes a bit of getting used to. Here are the top five skills you’ll need to know when starting a job from home.

(Whether you like it or not) working from home is not going away any time soon. Many companies have extended remote working or even announced closing their offices forever. However, working from home is an adjustment as we have learned in the last year and a half, and there are some skills needed to thrive in the remote working environment. Here is a list of the top five skills one should master when working remotely. 

Technical knowledge

Working from home requires the use of at least one technological device, probably more. Remote employees need to be able to have at least a basic knowledge of said device and more specifically the tools used on the device. For example, knowing how to share documents, set up a Zoom meeting or how to instant message another employee about a project or the work you are currently doing are all very important skills for working at home.


In life there are always distractions, especially at home. Pets and children need to be watched and entertained, neighbors are being noisy, roommates are chatting, the list goes on. It is important when working remotely to find a space that is yours and quiet enough for you to be able to get all your work done in a timely manner. If you can’t find a quiet space, being able to work with the noise around you is a skill you’ll need to acquire. Focusing on the work at hand or being able to switch back and forth between the distractions and work when needed is an invaluable skill. To make it easier, try wearing noise cancelling headphones and having a clean and organized workspace.

Time management

When you’re working remotely, chances are nobody from your office is around you. Therefore, there are no co-workers or bosses near you to make sure you are staying on task and meeting important deadlines. Being able to manage your time correctly is probably one of the most important life skills to have, especially when working from home. Time management shows responsibility and takes mental preparation. It also can keep you ahead of the game, since you’ll always be on top of assignments or deadlines.  


Along with time management another important skill is having self-motivation. Working from home requires one to be self-motivated enough to get things done without somebody else cheering you on or constantly monitoring you. In an office setting, people were constantly bouncing ideas off one another, monitoring each other's work habits and so on. Now, you need to remind yourself about everything you must get done. A way to help yourself do this is by creating a schedule outlining exactly what needs to get done each day. 


Working from home is new for a lot of people and with that comes honest mistakes. Being able to be flexible and adaptable is crucial. Being adaptable means being able to constantly manage the changing remote work environment, be open to learning new things, helping team members, figure out a solution in case the internet decides to not work one day etc… While adaptability is a life-long skill, it is especially important today with everything going on in the world and work life being shifted.