7 Ways to Create Brand Loyalty

Grace Jeselson

Here are seven important ways to create and continue to build brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty is something that should be incredibly important for any company. Brand loyalty between you and the customer, means that the customer will choose your brand versus the competitor time and time again. Here is a list of seven ways that your brand can create brand loyalty.

1. Common values:

A great way to build brand loyalty is to create a relationship with the customer based on shared common values. Figure out what your customers care about and create a commonality between that and your brand.

2. Customer service

Making sure you have good customer service is incredibly important in continuing the relationship between your brand and the customer. Treat your customers with respect, and they’ll most likely pay it back in loyalty and positive word of mouth.

3. Use social media

Social media is such a useful tool for businesses. Nowadays, most people are on at least one social media platform, and if customers are disappointed, they might share their opinions online to the entire world, rather than directly to the brand. It’s important to acknowledge those posts and respond promptly. It also drives engagement.

4. Grab their attention

Customers love a good offer, and it is also a great way for a brand to attract new customers. You can start a contest on your social channels with the prize being a product from the brand or reward existing customers with a coupon. The possibilities are endless!

5. Collect data

Collect data on your existing customers. It is a great way to learn more about them. Use your learnings to cater your brand messaging and product offerings to your customer base. This will keep them happy, increase brand loyalty, and appeal to new customers with similar values.

6. Create an eye-catching logo

When creating a logo, keep a few things in mind. Your logo is the thing that will make your brand visually recognizable to customers. Make sure the colors and font represent your brand's personality. For example, YouTube has a very well-known logo, and it only has three colors. Black, white, and red.

7. Stay consistent

Consistency is key! Your customers want to feel the same way they did the first time they came across your brand. Give your customers the confidence that your brand will constantly deliver the goods and services it said it would.