The Best DTC (Direct To Consumer) Marketing Campaigns from 2020

Grace Jeselson

The best direct to consumer ads that created significant market value for the chaotic year that was 2020.

Direct to consumer, also known as DTC, means businesses are selling products exactly as the term indicates - direct to the consumer. They are able to do this without using wholesalers or third-party retailers. Here are some of the best DTC marketing campaigns of the last year.

Graph showing the differences between traditional retail vs direct to consumer.

Bright Cellars:

Bright Cellars is a monthly wine club that operates entirely online. You take a quiz that results in  personalized wine recommendations  that are then delivered right to your door! The company’s success can be attributed to several factors. Their website is easy to navigate and has information on it that educates you on the wine you will be receiving or might be interested in. They also send out a newsletter to subscribers and use their social media platforms in a way that relates to customers.

Dirty Lemon:

Dirty Lemon makes healthy yet tasty lemonade style drinks in a pack of six for $65. The company solely used Instagram to gain a following a couple years ago and now uses text messages for their customers. Customers are able to change, order, or cancel their orders all through text! Once again, not using third-party retailers. Many companies should take note!


Away is a popular luggage brand that delivers high quality suitcases, at a fraction of the price of more traditional high-end brands like Tumi. Away claims to have the same quality as the other brands, without the added expense because they cut the middleman and don’t sell through traditional retailers.

Graph made by Away showing how their product is the less expensive version.


Peloton eliminated the need for people to travel to the gym or to a workout class, when they had an exercise bike at home. Access to the Peloton bikes was exclusive to the Peloton website, so it served as a one-stop direct-to-consumer shop. It was popular before the pandemic but exploded during 2020. People were bored at home and could not go to their usual workout classes. So, what did they do? They ordered a Peloton and waited months for the famous workout bike to arrive at their front door. People love the Peloton for many reasons- it’s all in one, there are live and on-demand classes, and it doesn’t take up too much space. Yes, it is over a thousand dollars, but the cost per use ends up being less expensive than going to a $30 workout class multiple times a week.