The Future Of Work is Freelancing. Why Should You Make The Switch Now?

By: Emily Bright

Freelancing used to be seen as a side gig while in between jobs, a filler while struggling to navigate the job market. But freelancing is moving towards the solution to merging the gap for talented professionals between personal life and professional endeavors.

To aspiring and or current freelancers...

According to Fast Company, freelancers comprise 35% of the U.S. workforce, and freelance income accounts for 5% of America's GDP. Forbes predicts that if the freelance market continues to grow at its current rate, 50% of the workforce will be made up of freelancers by 2027. And those are the stats before COVID-19.

Thanks to COVID-19, the reality of remote work has become the new normal, making it even more convenient for freelance work. With workers being forced to stay home and create content from the comfort of their own couches, now is truly the time to branch out and take on individual projects. It has never been easier to partner up with a client based in London, to produce brilliant work from your apartment in New York City, and then to shoot it on over across the Atlantic Ocean via Slack.

Our world's professional culture has changed immensely over the years as well. Especially in the media and marketing industry, the classic Don Draper suit and tie look from Mad Men is a thought of the past. Casual Fridays have transitioned into a more permanent lifestyle, as well as working from home. The transition to freelance might just be the change you desparately need with the benefits you've been looking for.

Freelancing allows workers to build their own schedules rather than working the "typical" 9-5 day. Instead of wasting time commuting to and from the office during rush hour, freelancing allows you work from wherever you please, whenever. If you're a parent working a full-time job while balancing raising your kids, freelancing is the perfect way to continue your career while tailoring it around your family's needs. Working flexible hours makes it possible to have the social life you've always wanted as well- you need that 5 p.m. cocktail as much as the next person.

As mentioned before, being able to collaborate from a different time zone has never been more accessible or more relevant. A freelancer's job to is to deliver quality work, and often that can be done from the comfort of their own home. Freelancing has quickly opened up the global market and unlimited access to worldwide talent, no matter where you're located. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when offices have been closed and the uncertainty of work proceeding the pandemic is continously looming, working remotely is as important as ever.

The desire for long-term contractual commitment has been in decline, paving the way for shorter-term projects and flexible freedom.

Have you ever wanted to dabble in tech but was strictly writing copy for food brands at your previous agency? Freelancing is a great way to expand your skill set and experiment with the versatility of your talents. Most freelancers work on a variety of projects, focused on different elements of the marketing and communications world. Building and strengthening your portfolio will help expand your skill set and connect you to other clients that need your talent.

The possibilities for the future of freelance are endless.

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