GUIDE • 3 mins

Your First Four Marketing Hires To Help Increase Sales

Publicist Team

Who doesn’t want to increase sales? You have a great sales team. You have a great product. You have a great website. But the revenue graph isn’t as far up and to the right as you’d like. There are likely a few key team members you’re missing to ensure that your product and your brand are reaching those who may be in the market to buy exactly what you’re selling.

Marketing Manager

This is your first hire. The all-time king or queen of marketing: the generalist. Hiring a marketing manager will open up the door to a strategy that allows for exponential growth in realms you may not have been prepared to enter, like SEO, earned media, organic social media and email marketing. 

Your marketing manager will develop a plan that will allow for reaching these people and giving them a little taste of your product and your brand when they are considering solutions. They can develop emails and email strategy to nurture these leads along the way and then pass them over to sales once those leads have reached a desired threshold to warm them up, making the call with sales a lot more effective. 

This role can also tie in current content and product features into social media posts and key landing pages to help boost your website’s SEO and credibility with your audience. They’ll create engaging calls to action and can help to drive traffic to your website through all different channels from SMS, print, in-person events, and digital. 

Content Marketing

The options here are vast. You can hire fractional content marketers to ensure that you have the right content when you need it, while not having to bear the expense of additional headcount in your organization. Fractional hiring is less expensive and faster than utilizing an agency, and you can ensure that you find someone who has specific skillsets or industry experience. 

“Content is king,” we know you’ve heard it, because it’s true. Ensuring your blog is updated regularly, making sure the content you have on your website is relevant to your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), writing articles based on a study in your industry, helping with case study messaging and so much more, having a content marketer is absolutely necessary to grow your revenue. 

Social Media Managers

The age of influencers is here! This channel and opportunity in your marketing plan is a must. Finding a social media consultant or even part-timer may be all you need starting out. They will be super knowledgeable as to which audience is on which platform, how to post so that attributing engagement can tie back to revenue goals and they can likely curate a list of possible influencers for your campaigns. 

Make no mistake, social media manager is a full time job and this channel is touted as being the fastest growing channel for brand awareness. According to a Hootsuite study in 2020, 52% of online brand discovery is found on public social media feeds. That’s huge. 

Public Relations

This is a role that is great to use when you just need some project based help occasionally. Do you have a new product coming out? What about a new CEO? Are you about to go public or announce a round of funding raised? Let a PR professional help you get the word out through trusted sources. 

We believe that having someone on your team full time for PR is a great hire once your business is well established, but until then you’ll need to elicit some help from time to time to help your business gain a positive public reputation and become newsworthy to those who seek out those sources… especially in times of crisis (see more on crisis communications here). 

There are great PR, marketing, communications and creative freelancers out there, but knowing where to find the right ones can seem impossible and even expensive. The good news is that you don’t have to hire a whole marketing department at once. We get it, you likely don’t have the budget for 10 new hires, but you still have projects that need to get done. So joining a network like Publicist ensures that you have on-demand access to premium, pre-vetted marketing, PR and comms talent whenever you need them. It gives you the flexibility to filter out those with specific experience and see their profile and, in some cases, past work. Engage with them, hire them and pay them all in one place in half the time that it would take to find an agency and sign a contract with a huge minimum spend. 

It’s a win-win. You get expert marketers when and how you need them, and you get to watch your sales rise.