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3 Tips For Setting Up A Fractional Marketing Work Station!

Publicist Team

When it comes to working from home, the physical setup of your office can make all the difference between enjoying your work and dreading the day ahead. If you don’t have the right space set up, you could find that you spend more time preparing yourself to start than actually getting down to business, or that you’re constantly distracted by your surroundings. So in order to get the most out of your work-from-home career, here are three tips for setting up a fractional marketing work station!

Step 1: Get The Right Gear

Finding the right gear is an important step to setting up a work from home marketing setup. You need a place that you are comfortable, with access to all of your technology and near a window for optimum light. You also need a workstation setup where you can spread out your materials and have room for any projects you might be working on.

To get you started, the bare minimum is a laptop or desktop computer, a desk, and desk chair. Depending on your working style, you may want a notebook, pen, pencils, and any other office supplies you may want for jotting down notes or brainstorming by hand. 

Step 2: Make The Space Fit You

Setting up a workstation for remote work can be difficult, but there are many things you can do to make it as comfortable as possible. One way is to use your space in an unconventional way, like using the space under your desk for storage. Another good tip is to find out what you need and want when it comes to furniture.

Like we mentioned, the bare minimum should be a desk and desk chair. You may, however, want to add additional pieces like a bookshelf, ottoman, extra seating for guests or meetings, and various items for decor. Although it's not an absolute necessity, you can really make the space feel your own and even help with your creative process by decorating. Find things that inspire you, or things you've collected over the years and add them to your space. 

Step 3: Create An Organized Workspace

It's important to create an organized workspace to make the most of your time. The less you have to search for things, the more productive you'll be. To stay organized, set up a designated spot for each essential item: computer, phone, mouse and keyboard, mail and files folders, etc.

Once you've got your space setup and ready to be productive, you're all set to get working! See our tips to get started here.