GUIDE • 1 min.

A (Potential) Day in the Life of a Fractional Marketer

Publicist Team

Fractional marketers operate uniquely in that they have the freedom to create their own schedules, but also act as members of the broader team they’re working with. This means they may attend company-wide or other internal meetings from time to time, but are not bound to the same strict schedule that traditional employees are. Because of this, we cannot provide you with an exact timeline of a fractional marketers’ day. The day to day can vary greatly from company to company and person to person - that’s the beauty of it! We can, however, give you an idea of what a typical day as a fractional marketer COULD look like.

So, what does a fractional marketer do? 

Wake up on their own schedule. 

One of the biggest reasons that marketers choose to work fractional vs. full-time is the flexibility. They have the opportunity to start their day on their own terms and go about their work in their own way.

Attend team meetings. 

Fractional marketers are very much still an extension of their respective teams. They’re available to tune in to all-hands or smaller group meetings when appropriate. 

Independent work on assigned projects. 

Fractional marketers work on their own time! On a typical day, they’ll dig into whatever projects have been allocated to them. 

Check in with manager 

Check-ins and reviews are especially important with fractional workers. Since they’re not present in every meeting and complete much of their work independently, it is essential to periodically check-in on progress and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Personal errands 

Fractional marketers (and fractional workers in general) have the opportunity to get work done on their own time. Personal errands, walking the dog, cooking a meal, etc. are all things that can be fit into a typical workday. 

Work on passion project 

Passion project or side hustle? As a fractional worker your time can be spent pursuing other interests! This is actually great for employers, as workers who have the time to pursue their passions are more effective, focused, and motivated than workers who don’t. 

Meal with friends or family

Personal lives are important. A fractional marketer won’t miss out on important events or quality time with family. If there’s still work to get done, they can complete it at night!


A fractional marketer can have a generous work life balance and will take the time to recharge at the end of the day. 

Hopefully this peek into a potential day in the life of a fractional marketer sheds some light on the concept of fractional work! Fractional work provides financial and logistical benefits to both employer and employee, and is a great way leverage your current resources while amplifying results!