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How to Build a Fractional Marketing Team That Gets Results

Publicist Team

For many companies, fractional hiring is the best way to scale your business and produce high achieving marketing campaigns all while maintaining a strict budget.

Identify Your Skill Gap 

Companies invest in fractional marketing to achieve a multitude of business goals: to create multiple revenue streams, increase bottom line profit or perhaps reach additional target markets.

Ask yourself the following questions: What goals are you looking to achieve? What skillsets are needed to make that happen? What does your team already look like? 

It is important to consider the resources you already have and then identify the skill gaps you need to fill. 

How will you fill the gap? 

Teams can be structured in many ways. Consider the full-time or part time employees you already have. Now, do you need to hire additional full-time employees? Maybe a combination of freelancers and fractional workers will be the solution. 

Meet with appropriate stakeholders and determine the best way to meet your needs while staying in-budget. 

Finally, determine how your new marketing team will work within your existing business structure. Will they report directly to you or another executive? This will make things easier as you transition to working with your new team.

Start Your Search 

Now that you’ve determined what you need and how you’ll do it, it is time to hire the right people! 

There are several resources and tools you can use to scale your business with freelance or fractional employees. 

  1. Upwork provides access to a wide range of freelancers, at a range of price points. 

  2. Fiverr works similarly to Upwork, providing access to a variety of freelancers at different price points. 

  3. Publicist provides both freelancers and fractional workers for the marketing, communications, and creative industries. Their talent is pre-vetted, cutting down on your screening process. 

Build Your Team

Choose the resource you’d like to use to expand your team and make the appropriate job postings. You’ll need to screen potential applicants and conduct interviews to determine the right fit. Publicist streamlines this process by pre-vetting your talent options and selecting available talent matches for you to review. 

When you’re ready to hire, make sure that all of the administrative and legal requirements are taken care of. This includes tax forms like 1099’s and an invoicing system so that your new hire(s) gets paid on time.

Do Regular Checks On The Work Performed

Regular checks on the achievements of your new team make sure that tasks are getting done and the desired result is being achieved. They also help build trust with your team members by making them feel appreciated. When the team is performing well, find new ways to recognize their achievements.

Get Regular Feedback From Customers and the Market

Feedback is the best way to assess results. Regular feedback from customers and the market will ensure that you stay competitive, as well as that you make necessary adjustments and pivot when needed.