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What is a communications manager? Communications managers are responsible for conveying an organization's internal and external messages. They draft written materials, prepare presentations and communicate with employees. Communications management helps align the key business strategies to reflect a company’s brand and image. Communications management is closely aligned with PR strategies to positively promote a brand and effectively communicate information to the public.

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So, what does a communications manager do?

A communications manager oversees all the external and internal communications for a company. A communications manager creates informative content, writes press releases, articles, and other media to be published on the company’s brand. Knowing how to draft a strong press release is important for a communications manager to create a trusted relationship between the brand and its consumers.

A communication manager works closely with strategists to shape and polish a company’s image, values, and modes of communication. A communications manager serves as a liaison between the company and the public, leading press conferences and conducting briefings. Promoting a company’s mission and highlighting its strengths and values is key for a communications manager.

A communications manager also works to differentiate its brand from competitors in the marketplace. The current communications landscape is flooded with an overload of content, so a communications manager must be able to successfully differentiate its brand by leading a strong communications plan and spearheading the content initiatives. 

Need other Communications skills?

Interpersonal skills & Public Speaking: Communications managers often handle inquiries from the public, press or other related organizations as well as speak at interviews or press conferences. Excellent interpersonal and communication (both written and verbal) are necessary. 

Research: It is impossible to succeed in communications management without researching and analyzing a client’s industry as well as current market trends. Being knowledgeable and staying up-to-date is one of the most critical responsibilities of a communications manager.

Creativity: Leading the communications plan and engaging consumers requires a great amount of creativity. A great communications manager needs to possess the creativity to make their brand stand out, as well as effectively engage consumers with their media. 

Resilience: A communications manager must be able to think on the spot and be flexible in their work strategies. The media landscape changes everyday, and a communications manager must be able to adjust to any situation and provide a clear, timely solution. 

Content creation: A communications manager needs to know what content performs well on each channel, each social media platform, on each marketing email. Strong writing skills are a must, as well as an eye for appealing visual graphics. 

Digital: Digital is the world of marketing today, and communications managers must know how to utilize and create digital content to engage consumers. Other than just producing digital content, communications managers have to know what impresses their audience and helps hold a strong retention rate.