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Demand generation is an umbrella term for a range of marketing activities that drive long-term engagement—including lead generation, demand capture, and pipeline acceleration.

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What are the elements of demand generation?

This is not all-encompassing, but four main parts of demand generation are brand awareness, inbound marketing, sales enablement and customer retention.

  • Brand Awareness: People need to know you. Your first step is to develop brand awareness so that potential customers recognize your brand.

  • Inbound Marketing: Demand generation is a function; you want to generate demand for your product or service. Meanwhile, inbound marketing is the method by which you can achieve that function. If you believe in educating your customer base and guiding them through the funnel with valuable content and offers, inbound marketing can help you do that.

  • Sales enablement: Marketing and sales alignment is critical to the success of your entire business. Sales enablement initiatives driven by your demand generation strategy can align marketing and sales and close more business.

  • Customer Retention: While acquiring new business is important, retaining, delighting and evangelizing your existing customers is critical for achieving sustained growth with your demand generation strategy. 

What are the goals of demand generation marketing? 

Demand generation marketing today is no longer just about creating demand for sales. It isn’t about forcing demand or tricking people into buying things they don’t need. It’s about providing the right information to the right people at the right time so that what you’re sharing is the perfect fit for your ideal customers’ needs.

In other words, the goal of demand generation marketing is to know your customers, let them know you, and provide them the right information to close the deal. 

Why hire a demand generation leader? 

70% of companies are increasing their demand gen budget and 34% indicate that their spending will grow by over 20%. A demand gen manager is tasked with delivering experiences that attract high-quality leads and nurture the relationships to engage prospects and customers. It’s a key marketing function that aims to increase sales and revenues. This will allow you to maximize marketing ROI while building brand awareness and staying relevant in today’s competitive market.

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