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What is B2C Marketing? B2C Marketing encompasses the various strategies, techniques and tools used to promote products by companies that sell directly to consumers.

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B2C marketers take the brand strategy and implement it directly to their consumers. Consumers seek out goods and services on an immediate need, and B2C marketers are there to help guide that process and appeal directly to the consumer’s needs. B2C marketing focuses specifically on the point of purchase in the consumer decision journey to understand purchase habits and reactions of the product. B2C marketing includes breaking through the crowded landscape of content creation and finding marketing strategies that actually work to engage the consumer. 

B2C marketing is important when navigating different media channels to foster relationships with consumers and establish brand trust and loyalty. Organic search, SEO, websites, blogs, and social media are all important components of B2C marketing.

So, what does a B2C marketer do?

B2C marketers take the brand strategy and implement it directly to their consumers. B2C marketers trigger emotional responses to their products and focus in on this response when trying to make a sale. B2C marketers have an understanding of the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and expectations of consumers all throughout the consumer decision journey to provide the best experience for the consumer. B2C marketers use consumer data to analyze behavior as well as keeping up with trends in the industry. 

Why should you hire a B2C marketer?

B2C marketers are key to reaching your target audience with content they’ll absorb and enjoy. B2C marketers are up to date on industry trends, consumer preferences, and the newest technology for producing content. B2C marketers are the best way to effectively utilize content for your brand. They have an understanding of what content engages audiences, how to optimize content, and how to repurpose and build off of previous content. 

Hiring a B2C marketer will make sure you have a consistent schedule of content, as well as  equally-distributed content over various channels. B2C marketers know which kind of content performs well on each individual platform, which is important when publishing effective content.

State of the Industry:

In order to stay afloat, brands will have to continue to foster deep, emotional connections with their consumers, instead of just focusing on profit. Storytelling is an important part of any B2C branding strategy, but especially when appealing directly to consumers, it is important to take into account their feelings and expectations of a successful brand. 

One predicted B2C trend is the inclusion of immersive and engaging marketing stunts, as well as virtual experiences for consumers. Short-form content tends to work better, such as 6 to 8 second clips on YouTube, rather than traditional 30 second to 1 minute commercials.   

The use of AI is also on the rise, such as chatbots to help guide the consumer through your product or service. B2C marketers can use AI to anticipate general consumer questions and concerns, as well as efficiently provide support.  

Need other Marketing skills?

Interpersonal skills: B2C marketers work to sell directly to consumers, so having great interpersonal skills is one of the most valuable assets to a B2C marketer. Personalization is the future of B2C marketing, so knowing how to appeal directly to each consumer is important to get ahead of the game.

Digital: Digital is the world of content creation today, and B2C marketers must know how to utilize and create digital content to engage consumers. Other than just producing digital content, B2C marketers have to know what impresses their audience and helps hold a strong retention rate.  

Understand data: Data is the key to reading the insights and behaviors of consumers. This knowledge is then translated by B2C marketers to develop successful brand strategies. B2C marketers must know how to understand and interpret consumer data to boost engagement. 

Content creation: B2C marketers need to know what content performs well on each channel, each social media platform, on each marketing email. Strong writing skills are a must, as well as an eye for appealing visual graphics. B2C marketers should have an understanding of the consumer and the type of content they are looking for.