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What is campaign development? During the campaign development phase, program plans are created, and content and tactics are defined for each of four program families (demand creation, reputation, sales enablement and market intelligence).

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Marketing campaigns are strategized efforts to promote a company’s goal by reaching consumers through a variety of media channels. The word campaign itself is defined as “a connected series of operations designed to bring about a particular result.” Campaigns work to raise awareness of a new product, strengthen a brand’s image, or foster consumer engagement.

Campaign development all starts with a creative brief and an end goal. To effectively market your brand, your campaign development must reflect your brand’s story and progress. Campaign development touches upon all aspects of marketing, from strategy to analytics to creative. 

Why is campaign development important?

Campaign development is important when making a lasting impression on your consumer. The campaign development should mirror all parts of the consumer decision journey, starting from consideration and following up through the point of purchase and beyond. 

Campaign development should reflect the brand image, tone, emotions, and resonate with the consumer, even after the production of your campaign. It should focus on one strong, clear idea or goal as well as present a consistent theme. 

What is involved in campaign development?

Campaign development is all about planning, strategy, and creative execution. In order to build a successful campaign, you must be able to understand its goals and KPIs (key performance indicators). Before starting any type of execution, you must be able to identify the end goal of your campaign and its quantifiable measurements. 

Planning out where your content and messaging will be distributed is important when figuring out which channels will best benefit your brand. Social media campaigns are run very differently than television campaigns, as well as the development that goes into each type of campaign. You need to be able to identify which channel will resonate best with your audience as well as increase reach. 

Budgeting is a very important aspect of campaign development. Knowing realistically how much you have to spend on a campaign can determine the channels you use as well as the content you push out. Factoring in the ROI for your campaign is important in knowing how much you can spend, and how far this budget will get you development wise. 

Content planning is one of the most important parts of campaign development, as the content will be what your audience consumes. Incorporating a variety of media on different channels, while keeping a cohesive brand message, is important in forming an integrated campaign. Blending video, press releases, blogs, social media, among other media, can help to create a seamless campaign while utilizing the functions of each channel.

Crafting a notable design is important for the look of your campaign. A neat and professional-looking aesthetic must be executed on all channels, tying the goal of the campaign together with its logo and design. 

Steps to creating a successful campaign

  1. Define the purpose and goal of your campaign

  2. Define how you will measure your campaign

  3. Identify your consumer target

  4. Identify how you will create your marketing

  5. Distribute your marketing

Need other Brand Building skills?

Content creation: Those working on campaign development need to know what content performs well on each channel, each social media platform, on each marketing email. Strong writing skills are a must, as well as an eye for appealing visual graphics. Campaign development strategists should have an understanding of the consumer and the type of content they are looking for. 

Graphic design: Those working on campaign development need to know how to use different tools, like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, to create a specific look for each brand and apply these graphics to each social media channel. Part of having a strong brand identity is finding a clean, captivating, and consistent look for your brand, which can be done on different graphic design platforms. 

Research: It is impossible to succeed in campaign development without researching and analyzing a client’s industry as well as current market trends. Being knowledgeable and staying up-to-date is one of the most critical responsibilities of planning a campaign, as the trends continue to shift everyday. 

Multiplatform media:  Campaign development is all about sharing your brand with different types of media, from videos to blogs to print. There are huge stylistic differences to creating print advertisements versus experiential advertisements, and a skilled campaign knows how to appeal to each type of medium.